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How to Prevent Lock Jamming

How to Prevent Lock Jamming

Struggling with a jammed lock? That can be a real issue, especially if your jammed lock isn’t repaired immediately. Locks are designed to protect us and our loved ones. However, they can’t keep us safe if they are faulty or broken. Fortunately, there are ways to stop your locks from jamming, and that’s what we’re going to share with you today. Here are some ways to prevent your lock jamming. Let’s dive right in. for more info visit

Purchase a good quality lock 

While high-quality locks are quite expensive, they are definitely worth buying. Good quality locks require little to no maintenance so you should not have to worry about it jamming or breaking easily. However, these locks still need regular maintenance for them to work correctly.

If you can afford to buy good quality locks, then don’t hesitate to do it as soon as possible. You might want to avoid buying cheap locks as they tend to break quickly — with or without proper care. It is the best option to go for locks with a key cover. Lock with a key cover could stop grime and dirt from entering and jamming up your lock mechanism.

Don’t turn your key until it is all the way in 

Turning the key before it has been completely inserted into your lock’s keyhole is bad as this could clog your locks. But how? A key, if turned before it’s fully inside the keyhole, will not catch the discs placed at the cylinder bottom, and this won’t unlock the lock. Instead of opening the lock, the discs will only become misaligned and you will have to re-align them for you to fix the misaligned discs back again.

Lubricate and clean your lock regularly 

It does not matter if your locks are good quality or not. It is very important to clean and lubricate your locks on a regular basis for them to perform at their best. The process of cleaning and lubricate locks is simple, easy, and fast. Just be sure to lubricate and clean both the body and mechanism to achieve the best result. Take your time cleaning your locks to completely eliminate all the dust and dirt that could potentially clog your locks.


Keep in mind that locks could jam without proper and regular care and maintenance. It is crucial to take care of your locks if you want them to last longer and stay in great condition. Consider these lock maintenance tips to stop your locks from getting jammed.

Effective Home Security Tips to Keep Burglars Away

Every homeowner should always prioritize home security. After all, burglaries often occur when you least expect them most. If you are looking for some security tips that will keep you and your loved ones away from burglars, then better read on as we are going to share with you some simple and effective home security tips that will help you keep your property safe. Let’s get into the details below!


Install high-security doors


When it comes to home security, it’s very important to invest in high-security doors. Having strong doors is one of the most basic yet powerful ways to prevent the bad guys away from your house. If your doors are faulty or completely broken, this will only make it much easier and faster for intruders or criminals to break into your home. Make sure to replace old doors and invest in strong doors.


Surround your property with plants


Large plants can help protect your property and keep the thieves away. Planting bushes, trees, and hedges is a simple way to keep the windows of your house from being accessed. Although intruders can climb through the bushes, this can cause noises and even injury, making it quite difficult for them to access your house.


Always leave lights on


As much as possible, keep the lights on — even when there’s no one inside your house. While turning the lights off can lead to lower electricity bills, doing this can also result in a burglary. If you are planning to take a vacation for some time, make sure to leave your property illuminated. Criminals would assume that there is someone inside when the lights are on, even when there’s actually no one. There are lights that automatically turn on when it detects any motion or sound — don’t hesitate to invest in them.


Notify your neighbors


If you are leaving your house for some time, don’t hesitate to let your neighbors know. They can help keep an eye on your property while you and your family are away. Tell them to notify you in case there’s are some suspicious activities happening within your property.


Put warning signs


Feel free to install warning signs around your property. This will make the intruders think twice before breaking into your property — even when you don’t actually have any home security systems.


Whether you’re looking to maximize the security of your property or want to protect your family, the above home security tips will allow you to keep the intruders and thieves away from your property.